Smith Sisters of Austin

Smith Sisters of Austin - Hand glazed pottery and garden art.

Pottery Design Themes

Any of our pieces can be ordered in your choice of 4 beautiful design themes:

Regional Wildflower

Our most popular design theme, wildflowers native to a particular geographical area are featured.  As in all our designs, pollinators specific to the region are also illustrated.

Please specify your geographical area of interest.

Ivy and Insects

 Classic twining ivy provides the backdrop for detailed depictions of butterflies, dragonflies and the occasional hummingbird.

Water Garden

Lakes, streams and their common inhabitants are illustrated in this design theme.  Water lilies, iris and other water loving plants may coexist here with frogs, fish and their aerial companions: dragonflies, butterflies, hummingbirds and bumblebees.


Featuring large sunflowers along with a variety of winged pollinators, this theme creates a bold, bright and cheerful design.