Looking on the Bright Side of Life

Today as you take on a task that you may dread, see if you can bring yourself to think of it as something that you get to do if for no other reason then you are healthy enough to do it. Today drag out those boxes, pick the prettiest boxes, pack them lovingly wrapping the items individually as you put them inside as if you were wrapping a present for someone.

Make it a present to yourself for when you open that box up next. Write a little note to yourself for when you open that box and place that note inside and think of the joy or smile it’s going to bring to you in the future. You may have had something recently go awry in your life and have all sorts of medical bills or new things (like ostomy supplies) to learn how to use, but reminding yourself of the small things in life is so important.

I once had a friend who told me she always remembered to put a $50 bill or $100 bill in one of her coat pockets at the end of winter so that next winter she would find that and have a little bit of joy spending that money next year, she told me how many times she found it the following year at the most appropriate time. How neat is that! It’s a minor instance of looking at things from a new perspective, yet it’s an easy way to keep yourself happy throughout the year.

I’ve even realized how simple it can be to force yourself to leave behind little trails for yourself to follow once more throughout your house (i.e., paper trails, or little clues about music or anything else of your choosing). Whether you’ve got a slew of ostomy supplies to purchase for the upcoming year or otherwise, it matters that you take care of your mind and happiness just as much as your body.

So whether you are working in your Wreath Shoppe today, or your garage, or just your kitchen make a plan to connect with your attitude. Smile even though you may feel funny smiling for no reason. Literally go look in the mirror and smile at yourself, it will change your attitude. Put on some of your favorite music, light a candle with your favorite scent, open the blinds and let the sunshine in, grab a cup of tea and then go tackle that daunting task today and remember you’ve never seen this day before! Happy attitude adjustment to you!