How to Manage Ostomy Odors

An ostomate can better understand the trouble of odor and gas. This could be a quite embarrassing situation for the patients, especially in a public place or gathering. Well, after the stoma, a person has to follow a new lifestyle, you should welcome a few changes in your routine. Some of these are necessary for happy ostomy life and avoid odor or any type of awkward situation. This would be the biggest challenge for patients. However, by the time, it seems everything easy and normal to you. Once you are used to the new normal pattern, your life will be trouble-free and happy.

Well, the following would be some productive ways to ease your life and prevent odor.

Healthy and Soft Diet

Well, the tough but necessary thing is to bring a few changes in your taste buds and diet. You have to monitor your body responds to specific food items and drinks. Some people’s stomachs cannot digest hard meals or gastric items like onion and dry fruits. It is just like allergy problems, some people are allergic to nuts, chocolates, or meat. Thus, you should know about your digestive system.

However, after the ostomy, you should avoid hard to digest meals like meat. You should avoid high fiber foods. It can cause gas and odor. No doubt, everyone’s body, and stomach have a different reaction, but we know some foods that cause gas. Therefore, it is better to not eat them like, onion, dry fruits, eggplant, red beans, pulses, cereals, meat, garlic, and potatoes. Well, to avoid gas and odor, you should eat fresh fruits, asparagus, white rice, spinach, green vegetables, fish, peer, cabbage, and milk.

The Ostomy Pouch Should Not Get Full

Well, as I said above that ostomy brings a few changes in your lifestyle and routine; thus, one of them is emptying your ostomy pouch. When a patient leaves the hospital, everything from now onwards in his/her shoulders. Thus, an ostomate should know when to empty the stoma bag. You cannot wait for it to get it full. You will have to empty it when you realize that the pouch is half-full. Moreover, you should check your ostomy bag to avoid leakage. If the bag gets full, it will leak and create an odor. Therefore, empty it regularly, four to five times a day.

Use Odor Eliminator

Well, after ostomy surgery, you should have some important appliances along with you all the time. You may need anything at any place. Therefore, you should have your bag which has all the necessary ostomy Supplies like ostomy pouch, wipes, medicated soaps, and deodorants. Sometimes, you cannot get rid of the smell even you change your diet routine and pouch. Therefore, you need a spray or medicated deodorants to avoid the odor. Thus, you should ask your doctor and use the medicated wipes and sprays. Moreover, you should clean the peristomal skin with scented wipes. It will freshen up your skin and make your peristomal healthy.

Use a Filter for Ostomy Pouch

Well, the good news for the ostomates is that you can filter out the accumulated gas from the ostomy pouch. Many stoma patients complain about the build-up of gas in the bag. It starts getting inflate and break the sealing of the pouch. Therefore, the discharge comes out of the ostomy bag and damage the peristomal skin. However, there is a filter for the ostomy pouch that can reduce the gas and restrain it from leakage and releasing the odor.

Change the Ostomy Bag’s Type

Well, many patients face the same problem even after following the above-mentioned steps. Well, in that case, you should consult your nurse and ask for a different type of bag. You should change the size and shape of the pouch. Maybe you are using the wrong one. Well, a new style can give you relief from the odor.