How to Manage Ostomy Odors

Those who have normal and intact bowel systems manage the odor issues in our society so easily, but when trauma or disease occurs, that person is now the owner of an ostomy bag, and usually, the biggest concern is the odor at hand.

So, what is an ostomy? Basically, that’s when a man-made exist that changes the point of exit from the bottom or the back of this is then placed in the front. The problem, however, is that our eyes and noses are at the front, so we’re much more aware of our odors and body images even when we think we’re fine.  There are definitely ways to help reduce the smell of this though, and we’ll discuss this.

First, we’ve got the ostomy collecting receptacles. When an ostomy surgery first happens, usually the ostomates wore something called an output to help collect. The problem, however, was this was literally everything, including cups, bread wrappers, and plastic margarine cups, and this definitely didn’t help with this, and it wasn’t feasible either. This is definitely not the case these days, but the thing is, in our society technology has come a long way to create barriers for this and to help reduce odors as well because of this.

If you have an odor around you, some detective work must be done. First, you should check the application of your pouching system within the body. Is it leaking? If so, check the closure of the pouch. Is it open a little bit? Then, in that case, it might be leaking out a little bit, especially if not closed. Remember not to put holes within the pouch, since the gas will seep out constantly.

Then there are the urostomy odor cautions. If you have a urostomy, you should make sure to rinse or wipe the spout of your pouching system after you close it, since if you do that, it can create a urine odor underneath clothing.  This is something that is usually odor-proof, but the tubing and the bedside and leg bag usually aren’t, so you’ll need to make sure to replace these if they take on the odors or the smell will become obvious.

So, emptying this is another thing.  It is kind of like emptying your bladder. How do you handle the odor of this? Well, room deodorizing sprays are usually popular, and if you do a quick flush or open a window after defection happens is usually the best way for you to manage your odor when you’re in the bathroom.

However, the biggest complaint is that the manufacturers will not create enough ostomy supplies to help with odor control, but the thing is, you have to remember that there is nobody on earth that has waste, which doesn’t smell. If someone tells you that the waste products are odorless, they’re full of it, and you may want to consider telling them to have a nose overhaul since it’s very obvious their nose isn’t working half as well as they think it is.

It isn’t a bad thing to be worried about this, but definitely take the time to learn how to empty this, since it’ll help with improving your ability to live life while being an ostomate, and to have the most that you can from life as well.

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