Maintaining Your Daily Life Post-Op

I didn’t start becoming an average golfer until I had an ostomy procedure done. As I previously mentioned in a previous article, I had to cut my swing in half after my procedure. I also had to keep my right arm closer to my side so that the ostomy supplies I was using stayed in place during my backswing. In golf, the more you can control your swing and stay on the same plane that you started on when taking the club back, the more balls you will be able to square up and hit flush off the sweet spot of the club. The pros are the pros because they can stay on the plane while taking a huge backswing. This is why they hit it so far.

Although I didn’t need my ostomy supplies for the long haul, the swing I developed while using them stuck around long after my ostomy care. Therefore, I am now what is called a “bogey golfer”. Now, most people don’t think much of someone that is a “bogey golfer” unless they’ve ever played the game of golf (which happens to be the hardest game in the world). A bogey golfer means that you were able to put the golf ball in the hole in one more shot than you’re allowed on that given hole, which is called PAR (professional average result). A bogey golfer means you’re slightly below average.

Now, anyone that shoots even PAR is said to be a really good golfer. But, by the definition, they’re really just average. And they’re especially average if they’re shooting PAR on courses that aren’t near the type of courses the professionals play on every week. And these professionals are shooting anywhere from 15 to 30 under PAR over the course of a four-day tournament. This means they are really above average, and by really I mean way above average.

The amount of feel and precision that the professional golfer must have in order to shoot such scores is out of this world. They have truly been blessed with a gift to do such things. The crazy thing is, there’s no cookie-cutter “fit” for what the best golfer looks like physically speaking.

There are golfers that are very much overweight, and there are golfers that look malnourished. Both can hit the ball the same distance and both can win the same tournament any given day.