All About Ostomy Care

As an ostomy patient, you should know about the importance of your stoma health and peristomal skincare. Well, it is common for nurses to take care of their patients and ostomy. You have to be careful either you have continent ostomy or incontinent ostomy. In the case of the incontinent stoma, you will have an outer pouching system, and you have to take care of that too.

A patient needs ostomy surgery due to any of the following reasons:

  • Rectal cancer.
  • Pelvic tumor.
  • Colon cancer.
  • Injury in the small intestine or large intestine.
  • Infection on colon, ileum, or rectum.
  • Blockage in the colon or ileum.
  • Injury in the bowel.
  • Bladder cancer.
  • Wound in the anus.
  • Or any other disease in the large intestine, small intestine, or bladder.


As a result of the ostomy surgery, doctors create a round opening in the abdomen (location depends on the type of ostomy). The purpose of the artificial opening is to discharge the stool or urine. An ostomy pouch collects urine or feces. After the operation, it becomes the sensitive part of the patient. Moreover, the skin around this pit should be handled with care and love. For ostomy patients, it is necessary to look after the stoma and peristomal skin. Leakage or dryness can damage the skin and hole. Therefore, you should be vigilant regarding stoma and peristomal care and appliance you use.

Peristomal Skin Complications

An ostomate may suffer from peristomal skin complications. Therefore, they should know all about ostomy health. The following are some common skin problems: stoma stenosis, stoma necrosis, allergy, folliculitis, pyoderma gangrenosum, infection, irritant contact dermatitis (ICD). It happens because of the continued discharge of the liquid. It can damage and dry the skin. A patient feels redness, itching, irritation, and in some severe cases it can turn into wounds.

Right Pouching System

An ostomate should know about the right pouching system for their stoma. If you do not know much about the types of ostomy pouches, you should ask your nurses or seek help from our articles. There are different styles and designs. If you have frequent discharge, you should use a one-piece pouching system. It will prevent leakage and keep your peristomal healthy and dry. Thus, it depends on your body condition and type of ostomy. Therefore, before selecting an appropriate pouching system, you should ask your nurse. They will suggest you the right fit for your stoma, and your skin will be healthy.

Changing, Emptying, and Cleaning

For a healthy ostomy life, you will have to change and empty your pouch. As an ostomate, you should know the right time to empty your ostomy bag. Your laziness or ignorance can leak the tool and damage the skin. Moreover, it can destroy your dress and create an odor. Thus, when the bag gets half-full, you should empty it. Apart from it, many ostomates do not change the pouch for two to three days. This is the wrong habit for stoma and peristomal health. You should change your pouching system two times a day. If you are a patient of a urostomy, then you should wear a new bag four to five times a day. Moreover, the cleaning of the stoma and peristomal is necessary. You cannot leave the importance of clean skin. Even you suffer from leakage or not, you should clean the peristomal skin with medicated wipes. Moreover, the output should touch your skin. Use medicines to balance the pH level of peristomal skin. Drink water and eat healthy foods. Use deodorant to avoid the smell of gas and feces. For any type of complication, you can visit your surgeon and seek professional assistance.